5×7 Svedovsky field camera. Constructed entirely of mahogany or oak wood. Very precise two rails focusing mechanism. Removable, custom made bellows. Interchangeable vertical/ horizontal back. Max bellows extension: 550mm

Price: 1600 EUR

1. For all countries outside the European Union: 1600 EUR
2. In the European Union: customers with an active EU VAT number: 1600 EUR and individual customers: 1600 EUR + 23%VAT = 1968,00 EUR

Technical Data

Front Movements
Rise: +57mm
Fall: -90mm
Shift: +/- 52mm
Swing: +/- limited by the bellows
Tilt:limited by bellows

Rear Movements
Rise: none
Fall: none
Shift: none
Swing: none
Tilt forwards: 70°
Tilt backwards: 25°

Other Data
Weight: 3,5 kg
Dimensions: 270x250x128mm
Wood: mahogany or oak
Lensboard: 100x100mm
Bellows extension: 120-550 mm
Back:Interchangeable vertical/horizontal (International Standard)

5x7 Camera Set

1. Vertical/Horizontal Back
2. Focusing screen with grid
3. Focusing screen cover
4. One BLACK ALU lens board
5. Front standard fabric cover

Wood and colors

1. Natural mahogany wood
2. Natural oak wood
4. Black finished (stained) oak wood

All our cameras are finished with natural oil and wax.