New 8x10 First Impressions

by Attilio DP


My Svedovsky 8X10 Camera arrived a few days ago. Its more beautiful then I expected. I cannot wait until I have time to put it through its paces. I hope to write a full review shortly. First look it is very well built. Heavy this is true but every detail is just beautiful. I’ll be hard pressed to make images worthy for just such a wonderful piece. read more >>

Svedovsky 8x10 Camera Review

by Daniel Finchum

Daniel Finchum

I had never shot large format camera before let alone wet plate collodion.  So when it came time to shop for a camera I came across a review stating that the Svedovsky camera was a “real workhorse”. I immediately looked it up and noticed that when compared to comparable cameras, the price was much closer to what I wanted to spend.

8x10 First Impressions

by Tim Hammond

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I recently closed my portrait studio to focus my shooting time on personal work rather than client demands. Leaving the studio behind also meant the Sinar P 8×10 had to go and the search for an 8×10 field camera had to begin.

Svedovsky 8x10

by Jonas Normann


Recently I bought myself an 8×10 large format field camera. I have been shooting 4×5 for quite a while, but I always wanted to go bigger so I sold my Linhof Master Technica. After a lot of searching on the web for 8×10 field cameras my choice fell on a Svedovsky from Poland.

Svedovsky 8x10 Review

by Hubert Banaszkiewicz


The summer is gone now, and I had little free time to do my stuff, I managed merely to do a couple of photographic walks… Mainly it was 35 mm but also some 8×10 shooting: Canham but sometimes also Svedovsky Camera.


Svedovsky 8x10 First Look

by Hubert Banaszkiewicz


After a couple of years of contradictory information, uncertainty and wating it is finally there…! Stanislaw Szwedowski decided to create an outdoor 8×10 camera which wouldn´t have the typical faults of 8×10 outdoor cameras…