New 8x10 First Impressions

Attilio DP

My Svedovsky 8X10 Camera arrived a few days ago. Its more beautiful then I expected. I cannot wait until I have time to put it through its paces.
I hope to write a full review shortly. First look it is very well built. Heavy this is true but every detail is just beautiful. I’ll be hard pressed to make images worthy for just such a wonderful piece. I also purchased the case and very happy I did. The case is like a tank and will keep the camera safe when I travel. For whatever reason none of my lens boards fit. They need to be narrower then the ones I have, but they make them and are on the way. I hope they make film holders soon.
I was extremely hesitate to prepay for a camera that was not built yet. (I had ordered natural wood color) I knew nothing of the laws in Poland so yes I was worried it was going to be a ripoff.
Cannot tell you how happy I took the risk. The customer service is perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Such a small company yet every email was responded to quickly friendly and professionally.
My ship date given to me about a month in advance was dead on. It shipped that exact day. Arrived well packaged.
Funny thing was a few days before I received the camera Svedovsky posted that they had redesigned their camera. I thought to myself, “Oh no, I’m going to receive the old version.”
Then when I took a closer look at their press picks I could see my name on the camera!
I know the camera is just a tool and will not make me the next great photographer but when you feel comfortable with your tools you’ll do a better job.
I’m just a customer no connection with these guys but I just wanted others to know about these guys in Poland. Their quality and customer service has really won me over.
Here are the pics they posted and also the same camera I received.

Originally posted on Large Format Photography Users Group on Facebook 21 of July 2016